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Yaneth Beltran, RD, LD/N

Yaneth Beltran is a Registered Dietitian with more than 20 years of experience in her field; Yaneth has extensive knowledge of nutrition and the many individual factors that influence overall health. Upon graduating from the Pontificia Javeriana University in Colombia, she began her career in a government hospital as a Dietitian and Food Service Coordinator, in which she supervised, evaluated, and implemented all requirements and regulations. Yaneth studied nutrition at Florida International University and worked at Coral Springs Medical Center, where she assessed and supported patients in a technical capacity. Additionally, Yaneth worked at an Eating Disorder Center for ten years. Yaneth joined the Neurobehavioral Institute as an ED/OCD/Anxiety Disorder Nutritionist, where she provides high-quality treatment and care for patients in need of nutritional balance and recovery. Most recently, Yaneth became the treasurer of the international association of eating disorder professionals – South Florida chapter after being the former secretary for two years. 


In addition to offering individual nutritional counseling, Yaneth is an incredibly effective group counselor. From meal planning classes to cooking groups to supermarket tours, she aims to provide practical and meaningful sessions that promote mindful nourishment in various ways. 

Registered Dietitian & Licensed Nutritionist

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