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NBI Videos

Temple Gradin interview by Dr. Moritz

By: E. Katia Moritz, Ph.D., ABPP.

Temple Grandin talks to Dr. Katia Moritz about Autism

The NBI Ranch

The atmosphere of NBI Ranch is meant to feel like a home and not a treatment facility.

NBI's Take-Two Videos

Join the Neurobehavioral Institute (NBI) as we take a second look at common topics such as decision-making, compulsive eating, panic attacks, and many more! We will explore the ways in which most people initially think about these ideas and challenge you to look at them through a different lens. We hope that this series helps you to learn new perspectives and actions!


Are symptoms of anxiety, OCD or related disorders interfering with work, school, social functioning, or self-care for you or somebody that you love? NBI utilizes a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach to treat these challenging conditions. Explore what a personalized treatment plan would look like by scheduling a first consultation appointment with one of our clinicians.


Get control of your life. For more information, please call us at 954-217-1757.

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