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Corporate Workshops

At Neurobehavioral Institue (NBI), we tailor each training module using evidence-based, Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions to power up your team. The goal is to learn concepts and practical strategies that will enhance group cohesion and team processes for the long-run.

Survival Training For Team Process During COVID

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is the most effective and well-known evidence-based treatment for Anxiety and Related Conditions. At NBI, we have successfully translated the techniques and skills-sets to benefit teams and work environments.

Our Commitment to Results

Your team will learn to identify and understand Anxiety. They will be able to practice skills to help team members cope with Anxiety. They'll become aware and won't allow Anxiety and avoidant behaviors to affect work. We'll strive for the immediate implementation of techniques.

Our Philosophy

We teach and guide teams in a corporate setting how to apply cognitive and behavioral, evidence supported techniques and strategies that will allow them to live and work at their highest potential, both personally and professionally.

Our Experience

The workshops are provided by a Team of doctoral-level psychologists under the direction of Drs. Katia Moritz and Jonathan Hoffman. Both are board-certified in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology and are licensed to practice in multiple states. Together they founded NBI and NBI Ranch.

“Pre-COVID we had a high-performing team, since March our members have been struggling working from home. This workshop was very effective and perfectly tailored for our company.”

- C.A.

Business Team

“Team cohesion is key to success, the workshop at NBI helped us find the right balance between work-life balance and finding a path that was both beneficial to the business and our team members.”

- T.S.

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