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Bring a Little Humor, Support and Flexibility to Our Situations

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

This month, Dr. Katia Moritz presented alongside Julie Subotky for the Women Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). Andrea Herrera, Chicago member of EO, organized the presentation. Joining many of the organization’s men and women was Kristin McLane from The Vivid Ink Company, who drew an illustrated model of the session, shown here

This presentation brought together entrepreneurs from all over the world, for an open discussion about Stress and Anxiety in the workplace. Topics included self-care and how to best support team members in these uncertain and trying times.

“Sometimes we are attached to the way we do things. Still, something entrepreneurs do well is realizing the opportunity to change and to do it quickly. Know when to shift, and shift fast,” explained Dr. Katia Moritz during the Q&A session, adding, “Have a conversation with your teams, flex guidelines. Remember to reach out if you have struggles and call someone in your team just to check-in.”

*This presentation is part of the NBI Educates initiative, our commitment to touching as many lives as possible supporting the dissemination of leading-edge mental and behavioral health care information.

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