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The Do’s and Don'ts When Your Child Has OCD
The Do’s and Don'ts When Your Child Has OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with onset in childhood is a complicated mental health disorder that can be difficult to understand, even for the child’s parent. It’s enough of a struggle for an adult to make sense of their OCD, let alone for a child. We now know that ...

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  • 26th Annual OCD Conference - IOCDF 2019

    Come join us! #OCFREE The 26th Anual Conference -IOCDF 2019- will take place in Austin, Texas, at the JW Marriot Austin. Thursday, July 18th, 13:00 – ...

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  • Different Categories of Anxiety Disorders

    If you’re delivering a public speech or have a big test coming up, it’s completely normal to feel worried, stressed, or a bit anxious. However, for ...

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  • Understanding the Relationship Between ADHD and Anxiety

    In the same way that some physical illnesses share common symptoms, mental health disorders can share certain behaviors. This can, unfortunately, lead ...

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    Check out Dr. Jonathan Hoffman's interview at the OCD Stories Podcast. Dr. Hoffman talks about his background with OCD and the comorbidities ...

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  • What is Anxiety?: It's an Invisible, Lazy, Tardy Monster

    Having anxiety can feel as if there’s a monster whose coming after you, but you don’t know where or when, or sometimes, even why. All you know is that ...

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  • Dr. E. Katia Moritz- The OCD Stories Podcast

    We are proud to announce, that our very own Dr. E. Katia Moritz will be interviewed on The OCD Stories podcast January 3rd, 2019 . You can listen to ...

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  • Perfectionism: Looking for a perfect path to a place that doesn't exist

    There are many good qualities associated with perfectionism, and perfectionistic individuals can accomplish amazing things. They might be major ...

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    OCD has me in an endless race trying to find a mental safe place. One that’s absent of doubts and fears providing immediate relief if danger nears. ...

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  • O que é o tratamento intensivo de TOC para crianças?

    O TOC na infância pode ser muito severo e debilitante. Muitas vezes, o plano mais eficaz para estes casos é um programa de tratamento intensivo. O que ...

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