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What is OCD Like?
What is OCD Like?

Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is sort of like having the person who is supposed to be your best friend turn into the enemy, or is that a frenemy? (Part of the problem for many with OCD is that they have trouble making this distinction, and their progress is ...

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  • Parenting with a Purpose is Step One

    It is hard to deny that parenting is probably among the most challenging tasks we can face in our adult lives. Parents usually have the right ...

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  • Solving Math Problems

    In an early example of the practical application of math, Roman military commanders practiced “decimation” as a motivational tool. Decimation is a ...

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  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) - When Beauty is a Beast

    Almost everyone experiences discontent about some part of his or her body at least occasionally. Such dissatisfaction may even be considered normative ...

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  • Weston Psychologist - IS MY CHILD'S REPORT CARD FOR REAL?

    Ideally, report cards meaningfully reflect academic achievement and potential. Yet, this isn’t always the case. “A’s” and “B’s” can have very ...

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    If you have a child that clearly would benefit from the services of a good tutor but resists having one: First, recognize this isn’t too unusual. It’s ...

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  • Anxiety Treatment in South Florida

    Experiencing uncomfortably high levels of anxiety is one of the most common reasons why South Floridians might seek psychological help. While a ...

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  • ADHD Treatment South Florida

    Designing a comprehensive ADHD treatment plan in South Florida (ADHD Treatment South Florida), as in any other locale, requires not only addressing ...

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  • Social Skills: For Both High and Low Achievers, Quirkiness Matters

    The impact of social idiosyncrasies on a student’s potential is complicated. While no one has a crystal ball to predict how “quirkiness” will ...

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  • Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP): Treating Children with OCD

    It’s well recognized that pediatric Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is more common than previously thought. Just as every child is unique, the ...

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