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How to Handle Anxiety for College

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Heading off to college can be one of the most exciting times of a young person's life. However, with so many big changes happening, it can also be one of the most stressful and anxiety-inducing events. If your child seems to be experiencing anxiety about heading off to college, here are a few things you can do to quell those fears.

Manage Expectations

College academics are typically more strenuous than those in high school, so it's important to speak to your child about the differences in coursework, exams, and studying. Help them understand that they will need to schedule more time to study and complete their work than they did in high school — and it may be harder to keep the near-perfect grade point average they’re used to. While it may be a bit of a shock, at first, setting this standard beforehand can help reduce the anxiety that they may feel before heading into college.

Make Them Aware of Their Triggers

As a parent, you are probably aware of the things that trigger your child's anxiety and how to help them handle them — but heading off to college, your child will need to become aware of their triggers themselves. If your child is a procrastinator, avoids stressful situations, or isolates themselves from peers, it's best to discuss these behaviors and potentially address them with a professional.

Plan Coping Mechanisms

Sit down with your child and discuss what they can do to cope with their anxiety when they’re away from home. Something as simple as going for a run, listening to music, or taking a bath can sometimes help quell fear-induced anxiety.

Prioritize Self-Care

One of the main reasons college students can feel anxious is because they place more importance on schoolwork and their social life, rather than their own health and well-being. Talk to your child about practicing proper self-care and the importance of setting aside time to focus on themselves.

If your child is experiencing anxiety about heading off to college, the team at Neurobehavioral Institute can help. Using cognitive behavioral therapy, we can help get to the root hope your child's fears and help them go to college feeling less anxiety and fear. Contact us today to change your life at its core.

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