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Exposures Are My Safe Place

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

OCD has me in an endless race

trying to find a mental safe place.

One that’s absent of doubts and fears

providing immediate relief if danger nears.

Instantly resolving uncertainty or imperfection

offering reassurance for upsetting perceptions.

A place where harm is completely avoided

and every intrusive thought is null and voided.

That’s my dream … no, it’s a nightmare from OCD

taking over my life as a ransom—for a fantasy!

As if anyone could gain permanent security

by performing rituals, overtly and obscurely.

I’ve been falling for false promises from OCD

but through its sneaky tricks I’m starting to see.

Because there’s a better way that could set me free

a treatment about facing my worries, called ERP.

Those initials mean Exposure and Response Prevention.

The gold standard approach to OCD, I might mention.

Instead of fleeing, my mental state I’ll learn to accept

with exposure to upsetting thoughts and images, step-by-step.

While rituals and avoidances, I will inhibit,

discomfort management I’ll instead exhibit.

Studies show if I’m willing to practice ERP.

the more confident and skilled in it I will be.

And by using relapse prevention to stay on the ball,

I can overcome any setbacks once and for all.

It’s long been said to keep your enemies near,

OCD is no exception, just to be clear.

The best thing is, the opportunities I’ll no longer waste.

Who could imagine exposures would be my true safe place?

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