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Caribbean Island of Trinidad

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Dr. Katia Moritz's first trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad was a rewarding experience. Throughout her trip, she was able to meet with local professionals, families, and children to increase Anxiety Disorders awareness and education. She spent a productive day training Maple Leaf International School’s teachers and other personnel on understanding Anxiety Disorders and the best way to support those struggling with these conditions.

She also enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the 12th grade class about psychology as a career, and the evidence-based and scientifically supported treatments for Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and Social Anxiety. She then gave a 2-hour thought-provoking presentation to local clinicians, psychiatrists, therapists, medical practitioners, and specialized teachers, which was organized by local mental health providers, Allyson Hamel-Smith, M.A. and Annalisa Alcazar, M.A.

We hope that Dr. Moritz was able to make an impact and inspire change during her trip to Trinidad. She is especially grateful to those who helped organize this event from which all proceeds were donated to a local charity supporting children.

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