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School and Workplace Sessions and Consultation in Weston, FL

Weston Behavioral Health Services

Our staff members are often asked to provide information and consultation to schools. This can take many forms, from presenting results

of psychological testing and discussing the needs of a particular student at a team meeting, to assisting a teacher or administrator who is

dealing with a student with mental health and/or behavioral problems or performing a classroom observation. We have conducted many

workshops, lectures, and in-service training at schools as well. We find providing such services is vital to many of our patients and families,

and also important in NBI’s goal of supporting efforts to address students’ psychological and behavioral health in educational settings. 

The same holds true for workplace issues. We are available to help further understanding of psychological issues and disorders that affect the

workplace, whether via experiential workshops, seminars, or individual consultation with organizational leaders, or designated employees.

There have also been numerous occasions where we have been able to actually go to a patient’s job to assist them with difficulties that affect

their work performance.

When it comes to workplace issues, NBI endorses the importance of getting out of our office and into yours.

If you would like to learn more about our at-work or at-school

behavioral health services in Weston, call (954) 280-3226 today.

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