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Intensive + NBI Ranch


Some patients with Anxiety, OCD or Related Conditions cannot improve without a residential component that addresses their life skills issues or removes them from an environment in which they have not been progressing. NBI Ranch serves this need by offering a warm, home-like place to live and work on activities of living while concurrently in the IOP. At NBI Ranch, patients have a regular sleep schedule, eat healthily, and are accountable for their time.


They are encouraged to practice the skills they are learning in treatment in a more normal setting, which reinforces their progress. They also can have enjoyable and broadening experiences such as helping out in our organic garden or engaging in equine (horse) therapy, which is nearby. At higher levels of symptoms, simply being able to “live life” has often fallen by the wayside. The goal of IOP combined with NBI Ranch is to help patients truly “come to life.”

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