Truly Collaborative Care Delivering Personalized Treatment

Levels of Treatment

We match services to people, not just their diagnosis.


NBI provides individual, couples, family, individual therapy, and group therapy for many conditions and life challenges. We treat across the life span, from young children to seniors. Many of our practitioners have additional areas of specialization, but all have extensive training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Patient needs are matched with the appropriate therapist, and preferences regarding the age, gender, or other characteristics are recognized, such as if they are fluent in the patient’s native language. Therapy is offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Patients with moderately-severe to severe Anxiety or Obsessive-Compulsive Related symptoms that are distressing and significantly interfering to their functioning often require a higher level of treatment to make progress. To meet this goal, our IOP provides multiple individual and group sessions daily, as well as many other therapeutic activities. Patients in IOP have the opportunity to see that they not alone, share experiences, and be mutually supportive. The IOP is tailored according to need, ranging from full day to partial day schedules. IOP is not appropriate for patients with high present risk factors to self or others, have medical conditions that must be very closely monitored, or lack the judgment or impulse control to adhere to the IOP’s structure.

Intensive + NBI Ranch

Some patients with Anxiety or OCD Related Condition cannot improve without a residential component that addresses their life skills issues or removes them from an environment in which they have not been progressing. NBI Ranch serves this need by offering a warm, home-like place to live and work on activities of living while concurrently in the IOP. At NBI Ranch, patients have a regular sleep schedule, eat healthily, and are accountable for their time. They are encouraged to practice the skills they are learning in treatment in a more normal setting, which reinforces their progress. They also can have enjoyable and broadening experiences such as helping out in our organic garden, or engaging in equine (horse) therapy, which is nearby. At higher levels of symptoms, simply being able to “live life” has often fallen by the wayside. The goal of IOP combined with NBI Ranch is to help patients truly “come to life.”


NBI offers two options for patients suffering from Anxiety or OCD-Related Disorders who are gradually transitioning from a residential or hospital treatment program. We can provide an IOP as a stand-alone on either a full or partial day basis or IOP combined with NBI Ranch, our supportive living experience. The latter alternative keeps a degree of structure in place, but at a reduced level. Our Step-down track focuses on skills related to the recovery process, Relapse Prevention, maintaining progress in different settings, and “next steps” planning and implementation. Step-Down ideally incorporates family support.

Inspirational Stories

  • “My life changed for the better, plain and simple.”


  • “The excellent care I received at the hands of NBI’s skilled and experienced practitioners made a real difference.”


  • “NBI has changed my life and i am so grateful to Dr. Moritz, Dr. Bechor, Dr. Spielman, and the entire NBI team.”


  • “Went above and beyond for me and my family, and would not accept anything less than seeing me through to a healthy life.”


  • “I finally found doctors who understood me and my thoughts. I had felt so alone, helpless and scared. After meeting Dr Moritz I was at ease, she and the other doctors at NBI were all trained in the treatment of OCD.”


  • CogMed Working Memory Training
  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral Internship Centers (APPIC
  • American Board of Professional Psychology
  • International OCD Foundation


To Translating Clinical Strategies to Reality
  1. Specialized psychological treatments for children and adults
  2. Treating a variety of conditions and offer various pathways to fit your needs
  3. Spanish and Portuguese speakers receive treatment in their native language
  4. Our staff is well involved in the field and focused on professional development
  5. NBI offers several specialized tracks including but not limited to; Addictive Behaviors Co-occurring with other Psychological Diagnoses, College Leave of Absence, Complex Cases, Intensive Treatment Program and Residential Programs.
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