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Taking a Break From My Mind
Taking a Break From My Mind

I tried to break up with my mind recently. For the hundredth time. My relationship with my mind... well, it’s complicated. We’ve been a couple as far back as I can remember, and who understands me better? But sometimes I feel suffocated and just want to do my own thing. I ...

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  • The Heartbreak of Closureitis

    If a relationship or other situation ended badly and you cannot move on, you might be suffering from the heartbreak of closureitis ...

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    This month, Dr. Katia Moritz presented alongside Julie Subotky for the Women Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). Andrea Herrera, Chicago member of EO, ...

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  • Self-Love is Spelled R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Many people these days are talking about self-love. Perhaps the following may provide some additional perspective on this subject. Aretha Franklin ...

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  • The Stress of Uncertainty

    We are now living in a time of so-called heightened uncertainty. But perhaps it’s more of a rampant and irrational need for certainty in our culture ...

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  • Mental Distancing Will Help You Stay Healthy Too

    Social distancing is a challenge, even for those who believe it’s the right thing to do. The dual purposes of social distancing are to stay healthy ...

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  • Your Mind is a Diner: Today’s Blue Plate Special, Anxiety

    Think of your mind being like a diner but serving a wide and diverse array of thoughts instead of food. A diner has lots of healthy and unhealthy ...

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  • About Worries

    Irrational worries do not occur in an actual space, only in our intangible and infinite minds. Therefore, worries are not subject to any speed limits. ...

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  • Is Being Centered Helpful for Managing Anxiety?

    Although definitions vary, being centered seems to involve finding that place inside yourself where you feel most present, calm, authentic, grounded ...

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  • There’s a Monster Under My Bed: An Emotional vs. Skills Approach Part 2

    In the first article on this subject (link), a fictional Parent A and Parent B in separate but identical homes helped to describe the Emotional ...

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