Can Jurassic Park Teach Virtual School a Lesson for COVID-19?

Can Jurassic Park Teach Virtual School a Lesson for COVID-19?

In the film classic Jurassic Park, there’s is a great scene toward the beginning of the movie in a helicopter as the main characters head to the island. John Hammond, the highly overconfident tycoon played by Richard Attenborough, is going on about no expenses having been spared and how nothing could possibly go wrong. Jeff Goldblum, as the skeptical Dr. Ian Malcolm, begs to differ. Of course, the park soon proves to be the total opposite of foolproof!

It’s great how virtual school is in session for elementary through high school students during COVID-19 (at least for those with access to the necessary technology). But according to reliable sources (i.e. kids I know), it’s a bit like Jurassic Park already, as some students are learning how to escape their virtual cages, or at least convince their captors that they are present when they are really not.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I can’t go into details about what I’ve learned about these tactics. Don’t even think about trying to get me to spill the beans!

Anyway, for kids, being able to take some control back during the stress and uncertainly of our brave new world of COVID-19 is educational too, and maybe even therapeutic.

Expecting dinos, or kids, to be like sheep is unrealistic in both cases.

Virtual School not going to be any more perfect than Jurassic Park.

If parents or educators come on too hard about this—I can just see some smarty-pants creating an app that will let the teacher know if a student is really awake or paying attention during virtual lesson time—the kids will simply discover new and possibly more disruptive counteractions.

Hmm...are there going to be suspensions from virtual school?

By the way, I wouldn’t expect teachers to be perfect little angels in virtual school either.

So, a word to the wise for both school administrators and parents. Try to keep your senses of humor and perspective intact regarding the sanctity of virtual school during the pandemic.

Let’s all try to get through this mess without tearing at each other’s throats like velociraptors.

As Dr. Malcolm said in the film, “life finds a way.” So will virtual students.

You might as well accept reality or get ready for a mass escape!


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