Look Ahead to Look Back with Pride! The Power of Preflection

Look Ahead to Look Back with Pride! The Power of Preflection

New realities are often accompanied by new terms. The most popular ones are added to our dictionaries each year.

My nominee for 2020 additions to the lexicon is ‘preflect.’

Variations on this word include ‘preflective,’ ‘preflection,’ ‘preflecting’ and ‘preflectionistic.’

According to me, preflect is defined as ‘earnestly considering how you will reflect in the future on your present words and actions.’

The value of preflecting is to influence today’s choices by anticipating how you may feel about them tomorrow.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is providing us with an unexpected opportunity to do some serious preflecting.

The big preflective question at hand is how we want to look back, or reflect, on the way we dealt with this crisis in three months, one year, five years or more.

Do we hope to be proud of how we treated our children, spouses or other loved ones?

Do we aspire to be able to honestly evaluate ourselves as having been supportive and considerate to friends, colleagues and neighbors through these uncertain and anxious times?

Or when we look back, will we wish that we had a second chance to have risen to this challenge rather than succumbed to it?

Consider taking a moment to ‘preflect’ on the way that you are dealing with the pandemic so far.

What do you think you are doing well? Where might you need to make some improvement or take a different approach?

Engaging in some serious preflecting in the present can go a long way toward creating positive reflections for tomorrow.

But remember, even the wisest preflections won’t make any difference unless they result in positive behavioral changes.

If you think this is a helpful concept, share it with family and friends.

Let’s see if together we can make ‘preflect’ go viral (sorry) and get voted into dictionaries in 2020!

But don’t be ‘preflectionistic.’ Down the road, you wouldn’t want to regret having spent too much time preflecting either.


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