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OCD and Eating
OCD and Eating

The drive to eat is necessary for all living creatures- without it they would perish. For most people, eating is as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people with OCD or related problems. If you or someone you are concerned about is ...

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Blog posts in March, 2012

  • Weathering Wearisome Workplace Martyrs

    Workplace martyrs: Volunteer beyond the call of duty, making even normal hard workers look like slackers Sacrifice their personal lives “for the sake ...

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  • Major emergency or minor aggravation?

    Is it just me, or are some of us having difficulty telling a true emergency from a false alarm? Or a temporary inconvenience from a life-altering ...

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  • Great Expectations

    Expecting too much can make you miserable and be detrimental to you functioning. Here’s why and what you can do about it. Let’s start with the word ...

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  • Childhood Version 2.1

    For most of human history, children were not at all that important. Unlike life as we know it today, it was clear adults came first and the ...

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  • Personality Disorder...Or Just Another Annoying Person?

    Teenagers sling denigrating names like “weirdo,” “sicko” and “baby” at other kids whose behavior makes them stand out from the group. Adults, being ...

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  • Mid-life crisis: Seen the movie?

    Although may take middle age in stride, experiencing a mid-life crisis is fairly common among both women and men. For some, the problem is ...

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  • Betting on the Holidays

    Have you heard about what they are calling life-style gambling? It’s the hottest thing since Texas Hold’em. The basic idea is to place customized bets ...

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  • You Can't Buy Happiness for Your Child (but maybe you can make a down payment)

    These uncertain economic times are giving a lot of parents the chance to re-examine their priorities as well as their budgets. When revising family ...

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  • Emma of 'Glee' sweet, neat, petite and ailing with OCD

    Tonight, the tradition continues. No, not midnight’s official calendar transition from summer to fall. Rather, it’s the second-season premiere of ...

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