This Year I'm Not Going to Take Daylight Savings Time Laying Down

This Year I'm Not Going to Take Daylight Savings Time Laying Down

It’s late on October 31, 2009. Daylight Savings Time is scheduled to end at 2 AM. I’ve decided to throw my own “Tea Party.” For me, however, the “T” equals “Time.” What I’m getting at is that I am refusing to go along changing time again. It wrecks havoc with my sleep and personal time-space continuum. More importantly, it makes me feel that my individualism is being tramped upon by collectivist bureaucratic hegemony. I just won’t have it.

So, this year, my various clocks and timepieces are staying put. One problem is that the time shown on my iPhone adjusted automatically while I slept and I lack the techno-savvy to correct this. No matter.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow? Should I notify my office staff and therapy patients (most will no doubt dependently will switch to the “approved” time and mindlessly expect everyone to just play along? I will compliment the ones who, like their psychologist, are independent thinkers. I will note that they are showing real growth in their therapy). Some of my colleagues will think I’ve gone off the deep end again with my insistence on individual rights and personal autonomy, no matter what the ensuing chaos or costs. They will no doubt remind me of when I challenged their group-think of “professional attire” and started coming to the office in cruise wear. Again, no matter, what is good for the individual is always good for the group in the long run. Right?

As I continue to show up on “my time,” others will join me or be branded as time traitors. I can already anticipate being a guest on the Fox News Channel. Got to go now. I’m off to my gym on my opening time, not the one they have had dictated to them by the public time option. I’ll just wait, ahead of my time, as usual.


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