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Jillian Armstrong, BA



Jillian Armstrong, BA is the Academic Coordinator, Executive Function Coach, and Cogmed Working Memory Training Coach at the Neurobehavioral Institute. She has over ten years of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults in both educational and psychological settings. She earned her Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology with minors in English and Sociology at the University of Miami, graduating with departmental honors. During her undergraduate career, she worked with administrators, teachers, and students while conducting psychological research in classrooms across South Florida. She also worked in the University of Miami hospital conducting research on cancer patients and their caregivers.

Ms. Armstrong facilitates the academic program at the Neurobehavioral Institute, a program she has worked in since its founding. In this program, she instructs different strategies pertaining to executive functioning. While discussing executive functions, or those skills involved in the setting and achieving of goals, she works to help others understand how to obtain success and apply their new skills to life. Ms. Armstrong has experience working with clients who have various psychological diagnoses; she also specializes in various academic content areas.

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  • “I finally found doctors who understood me and my thoughts. I had felt so alone, helpless and scared. After meeting Dr Moritz I was at ease, she and the other doctors at NBI were all trained in the treatment of OCD.”


  • “My life changed for the better, plain and simple.”


  • “The excellent care I received at the hands of NBI’s skilled and experienced practitioners made a real difference.”


  • “NBI has changed my life and i am so grateful to Dr. Moritz, Dr. Bechor, Dr. Spielman, and the entire NBI team.”


  • “Went above and beyond for me and my family, and would not accept anything less than seeing me through to a healthy life.”


  • CogMed Working Memory Training
  • Association of Psychology Postdoctoral Internship Centers (APPIC
  • American Board of Professional Psychology
  • International OCD Foundation

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