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Supportive Living for OCD in Florida

Our Intensive OCD treatment program is a little different than others you may have heard about or attended. Rather than treating patients at the Ranch itself, we treat our patients at our office which is just a short commute from the Ranch.

Why Our Methodology Is a Better Treatment Option for OCD & Anxiety Related Disorders

Like many people who suffer from the severe and debilitating symptoms of Anxiety or Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, perhaps you have not been able to make progress where you live—maybe you are isolated, or your home life is too stressful or, conversely, over-accommodating of your symptoms. Yet you do not want to be in—or truly require—hospitalization or other kinds of very structured residential settings. Nonetheless, in your heart of hearts, you know you need to be in an intensive treatment program!

If this rings a bell, NBI Ranch was designed with people like you specifically in mind. The concept was for the Ranch to provide a nice, unlocked, and open place for sufferers of Anxiety or OCD related disorders to live in while they are participating in NBI’s intensive treatment program, which is located just a short drive away. It’s the best of both worlds! We want everyone who stays at NBI Ranch to feel like they are visiting their home-away-from-home, as opposed to being in a facility.

We call the Ranch a “supportive living experience” because it affords our residents the chance to practice what they are learning each day in treatment and go about their lives in as close to a normal environment as possible.

We are passionate about NBI Ranch being the place where treatment and a better future “comes to life” for our residents. Our staff is totally dedicated to this concept and committed to doing everything possible to make staying at NBI Ranch nothing short of “life-changing.”

Florida-Based Residential Style OCD & Anxiety Treatment

Have you looked at pictures of NBI Ranch and thought, “this looks too good to be true?” It wouldn’t surprise us if you have. Remember, the NBI Ranch concept is all about learning to live and enjoy life at the same time you are benefitting from intensive treatment. Don’t worry, these two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive! In fact, you really can’t have one without the other.

People love South Florida for its subtropical climate and beauty, many available outdoor activities, and world-famous attractions. At NBI Ranch, we take full advantage of the natural assets of our area and incorporate them into the healing process. When they are not in treatment, our residents can decide to hike, exercise, help out in our organic garden, or just enjoy some downtime lounging in the sun. We also provide equine (horse) therapy which is within walking distance of the Ranch and lots of other fun and enriching activities on nights and weekends.

Inside the Ranch, residents engage in meal preparation and a variety of “normal” household tasks. They are also prompted to practice the skills and attitudes they are working on in therapy. Socializing is highly encouraged! There’s always at least one Residential Counselor on premises whenever a resident is at the Ranch. They’re awake throughout the night, and always ready to listen or provide any needed assistance or support.

At the Ranch, residents are likely to awaken to the sounds of a rooster crowing. We like to imagine that the rooster is saying, “get up, enjoy your life, work hard on your symptoms!”

Even if this is just our imagination running away with us, we sincerely believe that NBI Ranch is a place to find inspiration, motivation, and a sense of direction and purpose. We also know from long experience just how essential this is to recovery.

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  • “I finally found doctors who understood me and my thoughts. I had felt so alone, helpless and scared. After meeting Dr Moritz I was at ease, she and the other doctors at NBI were all trained in the treatment of OCD.”


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