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College Leave of Absence

Many NBI patients and their families have learned the hard way that getting into college, even a top fight one, is just a beginning—the student has to be able to deal effectively with independence, social pressures, or studying when there is no parent around to tell them to. If they are susceptible to misusing or abusing drugs and alcohol (or perhaps they have been doing this all along and their parents either don’t know or don’t realize how bad the problem is), or can’t regulate their time on social media or stay up all night and then can’t get to class the next day, they frequently start to become emotionally compromised. In some of our cases, the student that is failing to adjust to college life has given up, and is just too afraid to tell their parents. It’s not unheard for such students to completely isolate in their dorm room, or do just the opposite, think that since they are failing anyway, why not push whatever negative behavior they are engaged in to the limits?

Sometimes the first communication about a struggling college student comes from a concerned staff member at the college counseling center, or worse, from a police station or emergency room.

For many college students, a leave of absence can be the best option for them to dedicate the time they need to develop all the necessary social, self-regulation, and psychological skills they need to get back on campus.

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