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NBI Treatment Adventures


NBI offers Treatment Adventure programs in Park City, Utah. This unique experience is sure to be fun, challenging, informative—and perhaps even life changing. Treatment concepts and strategies will be embedded in seasonal, outdoor activities; during our meals, groups, and activities in our lodge at the National Ability Center; and during outings in the beautiful community. Each day of the Treatment Adventures will be full of exciting and empowering events designed to help you get to the next level in treatment success—and in life.

The camps are filled with self-discovery, personal growth, and learning. The groups will address anxiety, socialization, and much more. Our clinical director, Dr. Katia Moritz, leads these programs, along with NBI staff.

What is included in the treatment adventures?

Evidence Based Intervention

Cognitive behavioral interventions are embedded in all activities and are also implemented in individual and group sessions.

Travel Accommodations

Airport pickup and drop off, as well as transportation from NAC to each off site activity will be arranged accordingly.


We will be staying in the lodge at the National Ability Center  (NAC), http://www.discovernac.org/. The NAC is located on over 25-acres of beautiful terrain, only minutes away from three world-class ski resorts and Main Street in Park City. Our staff will stay in the lodge with the families to provide extended support.

Seasonal Activities


Bike Tours, archery, equestrian-facilitated learning, wall climbing, ropes course, boating, paddle sports, and visits to the Homestead Crater and Olympic park!


Skiing & snowboarding (instructors, gear rental, and ski passes are included), sled hockey, sledding, biathlon, tubing, ice-skating and more!


Most meals are included, with the exception of a few outings where families will eat on their own. Meals that are included will have vegetarian and gluten free options.

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