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NBI Ranch

What is NBI Ranch?

NBI Ranch is an adult (18 and over) supportive living community, for sufferers of OCD and Anxiety-Related Disorders, in the horse-country town of Southwest Ranches, Florida. It’s a naturalistic environment where patients of NBI’s intensive program live while receiving daily treatment at NBI’s main offices (NBI HQ) just a short drive away. The Ranch provides an extraordinary opportunity to work on real-life skills and tools in a caring home-like setting, outside of treatment. The Ranch offers many options and advantages that once-a-week in office visits or even outpatient alone can’t provide.

Is NBI Ranch Right For You?

Many individuals struggle with the stigma of living in a “mental hospital” where they feel like a patient, not a person. Others may succeed in treatment only to relapse upon returning home. We recognize these potential pitfalls in traditional residential treatment and we’re bridging that gap in an effort to create life-long mental health and relief from OCD and related Anxiety Disorders. Reasons to consider NBI Ranch include:

  • Symptoms that are too severe for outpatient treatment, but do not necessitate hospitalization.
  • Being trapped in a cycle of relapses.
  • Inability to make adequate gains in present living, educational, or work environments.
  • Difficulty bringing clinical progress into “real life.”
  • To “step down” gradually from inpatient or other more restrictive care.
  • Needing to accelerate treatment progress.

What Happens At NBI Ranch?

What’s happens in treatment at NBI HQ doesn’t stay there— it comes to life, as each resident’s clinical team creates activities to practice and reinforce once residents return to the Ranch that day. Residents are supported and encouraged by NBI Ranch’s on-site, well-trained Residential Counselors (RCs). The RCs communicate daily with a resident’s treatment team. This enables “real-time” optimization of personalized care. We realize there is no “one size fits all approach” and make every effort to tailor accordingly.

The RCs also guide excursions and activities in the community, such as indoor skydiving, go-cart racing, art classes, or a day at the beach. Additionally, RCs are not just there to support you the resident, but you the person. We recognize putting your “regular life” on hold to seek treatment can be a brave and emotional choice. Our counselors understand that as well and are happily available anytime to listen to any struggles you may be having outside of treatment hours.

What Else Makes The NBI Ranch Program Truly Special?

Opportunities for developing healthier lifestyles are key elements of NBI Ranch. That’s because positive health behaviors provide the platform for benefitting from treatment. Residents are encouraged to partake in variety of nature based and mind/body nurturing activities such as equine therapy, tending to our organic vegetable garden, CBT yoga, cooking classes, and a host of other wellness enhancing activities — whether preparing and enjoying meals, working on creative projects, or just “chilling,” NBI Ranch is the perfect place to start making your life enjoyable again. Just imagine how great that would feel…

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