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NBI Ranch


NBI Ranch is situated on two very private acres in the horse country town of Southwest Ranches, just a short drive from NBI’s main offices in Weston. The atmosphere of NBI Ranch is meant to feel like a home and not a treatment facility. Southwest Ranches and other nearby areas, from beaches to the Everglades, provide a host of opportunities for “natural” therapeutic experiences that — just like at our Adventure Program —work in synergy with established cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT), including exposure -based interventions, for Anxiety, OCD, and Related Disorders.

The NBI Ranch began as a dream over 20 years ago. Following the success of our OCD Treatment Adventure Program in Utah, it has now become a reality.

The overwhelming feedback from patients and families was that these programs’ combination of creatively designed evidence supported treatments, nature based experiences, and learning new coping skills was life changing for them.

Inspired, we decided to evolve this idea in South Florida to impact more people.

NeuroBehavioral Institute | Weston, FL

Patients at NBI Ranch have an opportunity to try new confidence building experiences, like equine therapy or riding on an airboat through our world famous “river of grass.” Through making and sharing meals, working as a team on creative projects, and many other fun community activities, residents can start to enjoy life again. At the same time they can build and practice the core skills they’ll need once they return home.

NeuroBehavioral Institute | Weston, FL

Our experienced and supportive team is devoted to providing patients at NBI Ranch with expertise, structure, and direction. We engage families whenever possible to enhance the treatment process.

NBI Ranch is the fruition of decades of our dedication to the treatment of people suffering from complex and debilitating Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive symptoms. Our ultimate goal is helping our patients make lasting changes in the quality of their lives.


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