Psychological Consultation and Evaluation

Psychological Consultation and Evaluation at NBI entails initial meeting(s) with a licensed psychologist for the purpose of obtaining a professional opinion and recommendations for you or your child’s presenting issues. The core of the process is a semi-structured clinical interview that reviews the current situation in detail, past or present treatments, medical and psychiatric history of the identified patient and their family, developmental history, psychosocial history, and patient and/or family goals. With your consent, NBI psychologists may also gather information by way of observation and possibly with formal assessments. Based on the findings of this process, you will receive feedback as quickly as possible as well as any diagnostic or prognostic impressions. Treatment recommendations may include referrals for individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, support groups, psychological testing, or consultation with another health professional (e.g. psychiatrist, neurologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, placement specialist). Patients are encouraged to verbalize any clinical questions or concerns that they may have (e.g. confidentiality, credentials). The consultation and evaluation process works best with an atmosphere of open and honest communication between clinician and patient (or parents when the patient is a minor).