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Intensive Treatment Program

NeuroBehavioral Institute’s Intensive Treatment Program (ITP) also known as Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) can be an effective outpatient treatment alternative for those who have not benefited from standard levels of intervention, but are not truly in need of inpatient admission. For others, it can serve as a transitional step-down from higher levels of care. ITP can also be useful for patients who are ready to accelerate their progress. Additionally, patients travel to our ITP because specialized treatments are lacking where they live.

NeuroBehavioral Institute | Weston, FL

NBI Ranch

NBI Ranch is situated on two very private acres in the horse country town of Southwest Ranches, just a short drive from NBI’s main offices in Weston. The atmosphere of NBI Ranch is meant to feel like a home and not a treatment facility… >> Learn More

NBI Ranch

OCD Intensive Treatment

Conveniently located near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach (Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties), NBI’s Intensive Treatment Program for OCD was developed to meet the needs of local, out-of-town and international children and adolescents as an alternative to inpatient treatment.

OCD Intensive Treatment Program
for Adolescents and Children

The program is designed based on the patient’s symptom severity and readiness for change. This program range from meeting daily full/ half day to a few sessions… >> Learn More

Adolescents & Children

OCD Intensive Treatment Program
for Adults

Each OCD Treatment program is tailored to address the specific needs of each individual. The average duration of the program is five 45-minute sessions per day… >> Learn More


NeuroBehavioral Institute | Weston, FL

Dual Diagnosis and Complex Cases

One of the major specialty areas of NBI is “complex cases.” Many patients struggle to find the help they need when they don’t fit exactly into the mold of standard treatment protocols. Other cases are complicated to treat because they present… >> Read More

Dual & Complex

NeuroBehavioral Institute | Weston, FL

NBI Treatment Adventures

NBI offers Treatment Adventure programs in Park City, Utah. This unique experience is sure to be fun, challenging, informative—and perhaps even life changing. Treatment concepts and strategies will be embedded in seasonal, outdoor activities… >> Learn More

NBI Adventures

Other Intensive Treatment Programs

Treatments for the following conditions can be implemented intensively based on clinical recommendations or patients specific needs. Select program below to learn more.

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