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“FEAR OF” Flying Program

NeuroBehavioral Institute | Weston, FL

If you’re afraid of flying, you are certainly not alone. Recent studies show that around one out of every three adult Americans experiences some kind of discomfort related to air travel. Of this group, somewhere between 2-10 percent has a full-blown flying phobia. Fear has kept more than a few totally grounded throughout their lives- some have never been able to ever attempt their first flight. People can develop fear of flying at any point in their lives. However, the onset of anxiety about flying peaks in childhood or the mid-20s. Although evident in both males and females, fear of flying appears to be somewhat more common among the latter.
Inability to fly is a major issue in the modern world. It can stop people from visiting far away loved ones, fulfilling job responsibilities, or just having the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of traveling to new places.

NBI’s “FEAR OF” Flying Program is designed to help participants board an airline for the first time or begin flying comfortably again by learning to effectively decrease their level of anxiety.

There are many reasons why people have a fear of flying despite the actual superlative safety records of the major commercial airlines.

Whatever the cause of fear of flying is for a particular individual, the best approach seems to be modifying negative thoughts, learning to cope with unpleasant physical sensations, and practicing behaviors that challenge rather than avoid anxieties. The available evidence also emphasizes the effectiveness of working on these skills in a supportive group setting together with other people who have similar feelings and objectives. NBI’s “FEAR OF” Flying Program utilizes all of these elements with the guidance of highly trained doctoral level instructors.
The program culminates by providing participants with the chance to confidently apply their new skills where it counts most- by taking an actual flight accompanied by their classmates and NBI staff.

None of this is would be possible without the involvement and compassionate backing of the airline industry. They contribute by allowing participants in the program to converse with airline personnel, including pilots, as well as by facilitating the necessary airport security clearances.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about NBI’s “FEAR OF” Flying Program. We will do our utmost to help you reach your goal of taking flight without fear.

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