Career and Educational Consultations

Psychology in the Workplace

In the clinical applications of psychology to business, the core mission is to work in partnership with an organization or executive to manage change or stabilize a professional/personal derailment.

There is need for things to be different and a goal to be reached. Finding that path and helping to get there by a process that achieves a better understanding of who you are and what you want with greater resourcefulness and strength of abilities.

As an action oriented approach, the conversations focus on how to move ahead and how to succeed. You will develop a realistic appraisal of the your situation, look at your skills and interpersonal style in light of what’s happening within the organization and then set a plan in motion to make you more effective.

Whether you are facing a career or personal transition, launching a new venture, struggling with change, out of balance, drifting, we can help moving you in a direction to that will lead to the results you want to achieve.

As a bespoke process, this approach is specifically tailor-made drawing from a base of technical expertise as well hands on management experience. Areas of core competency include: executive intervention, organizational effectiveness, succession planning, leadership development, human resources strategies and life planning.